About me

I’m not sure where to start. Yes, with weight-loss things are never easy. Decide you want to get fit. Stick with a diet. Maintain the weight. And so on.

But I’m gonna make it easy:
– I’m Bunny.
– 30 year old.
– expat.
– thyroid disease since 2005, which has had two effects: going from 50kg to 80kg in a just a few months before I got diagnosed and making me stop obsessing over calories.

That seems so far now and really, I have no excuses!

I have around 30 kg to lose (will go and buy a scale tomorrow, something I should have done ages ago when we first moved here). And everything else to gain 🙂 And I’m looking for a partner in crime to do so – so we can support each other and cheer when the scales go down!

Image source: unknown (please email me if you know).