Thursday, day one


The first day of the rest of my life. I really need to be serious about it as the one thing that works for me when it comes to losing weight is to be accountable.

I will stick to my eating plan. And maybe today, I could go to the swimming pool as it’s pouring outside.

Everyday, I’ll drink a large glass of water with apple cider vinegar. And must have three meals a day, even though it’s not always easy when work gets busy.

I’m ready to take care of my body. Take care of me. And work my way to a healthy-happy me.


My boyfriend cooked us dinner and needless to say it wasn’t the healthier. Give the boy pasta and sausage, and that’s all he’ll eat for a week 😉
But we went grocery shopping after dinner and I bought plenty of fruits and veggies, and “healthier” starches, like some grain mixes and quinoa.
Maybe I should make a weekly menu plan.


I think today didn’t go too bad. I’ve been busy with making illustrations for an upcoming project so time flew by and I didn’t go to the swimming pool. I felt rather hungry, but hopefully, it will pass after a few days.
I feel like it’s important for me to be conscious about my food choices before I can truly lose some weight. And it’s also fundamental that I actually write down everything I eat – good or bad – to make the best possible assessment and changes!

morning sun



porridge made with 50g oats and water 200 kcals
Total ♥ 200 kcals



a salad with white beans (200g) and prawns (140g) 300 kcals
5 almonds 30 kcals
Total ♥ 330 kcals



50g pasta with sausage and an egg with salad490 kcals
Total ♥ 490 kcals



one mint chocolate square 60 kcals
one slice of pumpernickel with 1 tsp cream cheese 200 kcals
3 puffed corn and quinoa crackers 90 kcals
Total ♥ 350 kcals



Image: source unknown, please contact me if you know!